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The Wisdom Profiles Series is a collection of original interviews conducted by evidencebasedwisdom with leading researchers in the field of Wisdom Research or related fields. All participants are working to increase our understanding of wisdom and its place in the modern world. In the eleventh interview in the series, Professor of Developmental Psychology at Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt, Austria, Judith Glück talks […]

Wisdom Profiles: Judith Glück

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On Wisdom, Curiosity and Gratitude Judith Glück is a Professor of Developmental Psychology at Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt, Austria. Her research interests include the development of wisdom, new approaches for measuring wisdom, situational aspects of wisdom, and lay theories of wisdom. Click here to read a key paper in which she assesses the validity of wisdom scales currently used by […]

Using the Concept of Wisdom to Enhance the Expression of Wisdom Knowledge: Not the Philosopher’s Dream but Differential Effects of Developmental Preparedness (Gluck & Baltes, 2006)

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This paper is specifically concerned with the development of wisdom through ‘Wisdom-Enhancing Interventions’. The authors suggest that there are three ways of enhancing individual wisdom: (1) Cumulative development in the course of a life through learning from experiences (2) Learning skills and ways of thinking that can be viewed as predecessors or components of wisdom […]

Laypeople’s Conceptions of Wisdom and Its Development: Cognitive and Integrative Views (Gluck & Bluck, 2011)

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By 2011, psychologists tended to agree that wisdom broadly has three central elements: cognitive (understanding the human condition and having knowledge/experience about life), reflective (willingness and ability to thoughtfully examine issues, including oneself) and affective (compassion and benevolence). This paper investigated the possibility that different groups of people may weight the three elements differently. This […]

How to measure wisdom: content, reliability, and validity of five measures (Gluck et al., 2013)

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This paper compares the effectiveness of four leading wisdom scales. It also discusses a number of problems in the measurement of wisdom: (1) self-report scales are distorted by the ‘social desirability’ effect. People want to make themselves look good. (2) self-report scales are distorted by self-illusions. People are not very good at judging their own […]