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THE MYTH OF THE AGED SAGE: Does older really mean wiser?

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The concept of the white-haired, bearded ‘wise aged sage’, is very much part of our popular culture. Even if we put this image to one side, our common sense also seems to lead us to the same conclusion; more years lived means more life experience acquired, means more wisdom, surely? But what does the science […]

Measuring Wisdom

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Empirical Assessment of a Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale (Ardelt, 2003) How to measure wisdom: content, reliability and validity of five measures (Gluck at al., 2013) The Wisdom Development Scale: Translating the Conceptual to the Concrete (Brown & Greene, 2006) The Wisdom Development Scale: Further validity investigations (Greene and Brown 2009)

Characteristics of Wisdom

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Wisdom and Ageing Antecedents and Effects of Wisdom in Old Age: A Longitudinal Perspective on Aging Well (Ardelt, 2000) Wisdom and life satisfaction in old age (Ardelt, 1997) Wisdom and Mental Health across the Lifespan (Webster, Westerhof & Bohlmeijer, 2012) Wisdom and Culture Opinions of Culturally Diverse Sample of Asians on Wisdom (Brezina & Ritomský, 2010) Wisdom and Experience Making Things Better and […]