Ethan Bearman - HumorEBW live interview Monday 28th August 2017 on San Francisco’s KGO 810 Radio for The Ethan Bearman Show, discussing wise self-distancing, climate change, car ownership and the influence our peer networks have on the wisdom of our personal and political decisions.

Friends PostThe EBW article ‘Are Friends the Enemies of Wise Choices? The Hidden Factors influencing Our Most Important Decisions’ is published on Intentional Insights, The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

All Things Risk - EBW bannerEBW discusses the science of wisdom, risk and uncertainty with risk specialist Ben Cattaneo for his All Things Risk podcast, hitting on political persuasion, compassion and artificial wisdom along the way.

Humor Post (3)The EBW article ‘What’s So Funny About Armageddon? How Humor Can Save Us From Ourselves’ is published on Intentional Insights. Click here to read the full article.

Ethan Bearman - HumorEBW live interview Wednesday 24th May 2017 on San Francisco’s KGO 810 Radio for The Ethan Bearman Show, discussing the vital role of humor in taking wise decisions in challenging times.


EBW chatting with Mike Stubbs of London Ontario’s AM980 Radio station on the role of wisdom research in resolving political disputes.


EBW joins Matt De Mello @Marionmarooned podcast on Sparemin in New York to talk wisdom, uncertainty and thanksgiving battlegrounds.


EBW live interview Friday 3rd February 2017 on San Francisco’s KGO 810 Radio for The Ethan Bearman Show  talking Gandhi, Trump & The Science of Wisdom.

gandhi-postThe EBW article ‘What Would Gandhi Do About Trump? High-Time For a Science Of Wisdom’ is published on Intentional Insights, Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.