EBW Dispatches Series

The EBW Dispatches Series reports the latest developments from the frontline of wisdom research. Key findings are highlighted and illuminated – with a little help from the researchers themselves. The relevant papers can be found at the end of the dispatch.


EBW Dispatches: Wisdom in the Brain with Dilip Jeste

EBW Dispatches - Wisdom & the BrainHow do you reliably measure wisdom? What’s happening the in brain when we take wise decisions? Professor of Psychiatry Dilip Jeste has been working hard to pull these different strands of measurement research together to give us the SD-WISE – a bold new wisdom scale with great potential and a whole new way of thinking about wisdom in the human brain. Click here to read the full dispatch.

EBW Dispatches: Wisdom & Meaning with Jeffrey Dean Webster

EBW Dispatches - Wisdom & Meaning (1)Does searching for meaning in life actually make us happier or even wiser? Well it’s not quite as straightforward as you might expect, according to some recent research to emerge from a team in Vancouver, Canada. And might how we file away our experiences determine if we become either happier or wiser? Click here to read the full dispatch.

EBW Dispatches: Wisdom & The Foreign-Language Effect with Sayuri Hayakawa
EBW Dispatches - Wisdom & The Foreign Language Effect

Can speaking in a foreign language change the choices we make? According to the latest research, using a foreign language may actually result in wiser reasoning. Click here to read the full dispatch.

EBW Dispatches: Wisdom, Body & Soul with Patrick Williams
EBW Dispatches - Wisdom, Body & Soul

What can we actually do to become wiser? Recent research by a team at the University of Chicago explored the impact that a number of physical and mental practices might have on wisdom. The results are both surprising and exciting. Click here to read the full dispatch.

EBW Dispatches: Wisdom and Successful Aging with Monika Ardelt

ebw-dispatches-wisdom-successful-aging-2What good is wisdom anyway? Wisdom researcher Monika Ardelt’s latest research on wisdom and hardship suggests an intriguing answer to the valid question. Wisdom may in fact be a resource to support that inevitable challenge that awaits us all – Aging and dying well. Click here to read the full dispatch.