EBW Dispatches Series

The EBW Dispatches Series reports the latest developments from the frontline of wisdom research. Key findings are highlighted and illuminated – with a little help from the researchers themselves. The relevant papers can be found at the end of the dispatch.


EBW Dispatches: Wisdom & The Foreign-Language Effect with Sayuri Hayakawa
EBW Dispatches - Wisdom & The Foreign Language Effect

Can speaking in a foreign language change the choices we make? According to the latest research, using a foreign language may actually result in wiser reasoning. Click here to read the full dispatch.

EBW Dispatches: Wisdom, Body & Soul with Patrick Williams
EBW Dispatches - Wisdom, Body & Soul

What can we actually do to become wiser? Recent research by a team at the University of Chicago explored the impact that a number of physical and mental practices might have on wisdom. The results are both surprising and exciting. Click here to read the full dispatch.

EBW Dispatches: Wisdom and Successful Aging with Monika Ardelt

ebw-dispatches-wisdom-successful-aging-2What good is wisdom anyway? Wisdom researcher Monika Ardelt’s latest research on wisdom and hardship suggests an intriguing answer to the valid question. Wisdom may in fact be a resource to support that inevitable challenge that awaits us all – Aging and dying well. Click here to read the full dispatch.