The Center for Practical Wisdom, University of Chicago

The Center for Practical Wisdom is based at Chicago University and is one of the leading centres in the field of Wisdom research. The site contains many excellent interviews with pioneers in the field.

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Wisdom and Culture Lab, University of Waterloo

The Wisdom and Culture Lab is based at Waterloo University in Ontario. The lab focuses on factors that enable people to think and act wisely, mindful of the role of cultural contexts. Principal Investigator Dr Igor Grossmann’s research goal is to understand processes, such as cognitive or emotional regulation strategies, that help individuals to behave wisely. The site has many useful resources and links, as well as PDFs of all the lab’s publications.

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Wisdom and Identity Lab, OISE, University of Toronto

The Wisdom and Identity lab is situated within the department of Applied Psychology and Human Development, at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). The lab explores personal wisdom in people of different ages (from children to the elderly) in different countries around the world, and is currently running  projects in four key areas: Wisdom in Cross-cultural contexts, Transmission of Wisdom, Resilience and growth through wisdom and Development of personal identity. Lab Director Michel Ferrari is interested in personal identity and how it develops in typical and atypical populations. This interest extends, in particular, to questions of personal wisdom, as an ideal aspiration of personal development.

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Sophia & Phronesis: European Wisdom Research, Learning and Development Network

This new Wisdom Research Network is partly run by Dr. Eeva K. Kallio, from the University of Jyväskylä,  Finland, Prof. Matti Kamppinen from the University of Turku, Finland. and Prof. Guro Helskog, Norway. The aim of the project is to encourage European research co-operation in the field. Dr Kallio is also a founding member and the first president of ESRAD (European Society for Research on Adult Development) and leads the research group Wisdom and learning. Many international wisdom scholars are involved in the team, and they have their own discussion list.

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