The Wisdom Page

The Wisdom Page explores wisdom from many diverse perspectives and hosts many very helpful resources. The site also contains a very instructive section on Wisdom Research (click here to visit)

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Consumer Wisdom: A modern virtue for a qualitatively better and more sustainable economy

This project comes under the banner of the Enhancing Life Project, a collaboration between the University of Chicago and Ruhr-University Bochum / Germany. The project is directed by Dr. Michael Luchs, an Associate Professor at the College of William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business.

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From Knowledge to Wisdom

From Knowledge to Wisdom is run by the philosopher Nicholas Maxwell, Emeritus reader at UCL in London. In 2003 he founded Friends of Wisdom, an international group of people sympathetic to the idea that academic inquiry should help humanity acquire more wisdom by rational means.

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Phronesis Project

The Phronesis Project is based at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, and is directed by Margaret Plews-Ogan, Associate Professor of Medicine. The project focuses on professional identity formation for doctors, organised around the conceptual framework of wisdom. The educational goal is to foster the capacity for wisdom development, setting the stage for wisdom development throughout their careers. Click here to watch Plews-Ogan’s talk at the University of Chicago’s Wisdom Research forum on  Wisdom in Medicine.

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Practical Wisdom in Family Doctors (PhD research)

Dr Sabena Jameel is a Family Physician (GP) and Associate Dean for GP Education (Health Education England West Midlands). She also supports professional development in her role as a GP Appraiser for NHS England. She is a PhD Candidate at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, part of Birmingham University School of Education. Her current research looks at enacted Practical Wisdom (Phronesis) in Family doctors. She is committed to highlighting the importance of the meta-cognitive aspects of learning and developing empirical research that enables practical wisdom to be developed in Medical Education. You can follow her progress on twitter at @sabenaj.

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Bringing Out the Wisdom (Interaction Design thesis)

Martijn Van Den Broeck is a dutch design student from the Netherlands. He is currently finishing his Masters in Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden. His thesis project is called Bringing Out the Wisdom. Martijn states: ‘As designers we often aspire to increase life satisfaction which we mostly try to achieve by increasing efficiency. I think that another path to this aim is promoting wisdom, an area which I believe has been overlooked by design so far. During my thesis I hope to find out what design can do around the topic of practical wisdom. I hope to use design thinking and creative methods to come up with design concepts that translate the research around practical wisdom into products that people may use in their daily lives.’

Martijn has also set up a site outlining principles of wise design. You can find the Calling For Wisdom site here.

You can follow his progress on the link below or on twitter at @MartijnvdBroeck.