Wisdom Profiles Series: Howard Nusbaum

wisdom-profiles-series-howard-nusbaum2Director of The Center for Practical Wisdom and Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago Howard Nusbaum talks to evidencebasedwisdom about wise decision-making, the relationship between ballet and wisdom, the importance of attention, and the surprising role of the supreme court in the new field of wisdom research. Click here to read the full interview.

EBW Dispatches: Wisdom and Successful Aging with Monika Ardelt

What good is wisdom anyway? Wisdom researcher Monika Ardelt’s latest research on wisdom and hardship suggests an intriguing answer to this valid question. Wisdom may in fact be a resource to support that inevitable challenge that awaits us all – Aging and dying well. Click here to read the full dispatch.

EBW Animations Series: Developing Wisdom

EBWanimations - developing wisdomThe most intriguing question of all in the field of wisdom research surely has to be: ‘Can we intentionally develop wisdom?’ This animation outlines 3 surprising short-term wisdom-enhancing strategies developed in the research laboratory. And the long-term? Research suggests there are a number of potential paths to developing wisdom over the life course… Click here to watch

Wisdom Profiles Series: Michel Ferrari

wisdom-profiles-series-michel-ferrariDirector of The Wisdom and Identity Center and Associate Professor in the Department of Developmental Psychology & Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto talks to evidencebasedwisdom about teaching for wisdom, the many faces of wisdom and the importance of seeking the broadest cultural frame for wisdom. Click here to read the full interview.

EBW Graphics Series: Essential Infographics from the field

EBW Graphics Series copyThe Evidence-based Wisdom Graphics Series is a new collection of infographics highlighting key findings from the field of wisdom research: Jeste’s family model of the wise brain, the wisdom research timeline, the Berlin Wisdom Paradigm, the 6 components of wisdom, current wisdom scales … Click here to find out more.

EBW Article: What Would Gandhi Do About Trump? High-Time For a Science Of Wisdom

gandhi-postThe new EBW article What Would Gandhi Do About Trump? High-Time For a Science Of Wisdom is published by Intentional Insights. As stated on the site ‘The science of wisdom provides useful insights for turbulent political times.’ Click here to read the full article.

Wisdom Profiles Series: Jeffrey Dean Webster

wisdom-profiles-series-jeffreydwebsterAs part of the Wisdom Profiles Series, Wisdom Researcher Jeffrey Dean Webster talks to evidencebasedwisdom about the development of his Self-Assessed Wisdom Scale (SAWS), the HERO(E) model of wisdom and the surprising role humour and time perspectives play in the development of wisdom. Click here to read the full interview.

EBW Radio Interview: Live on KGO Radio

EBW live radio interview Friday 3rd February 2017 on San Francisco’s KGO 810 Radio for The Ethan Bearman Show. Discussion covers Gandhi, Trump, the Science of Wisdom and a great deal in-between. Click here to hear the full interview.

The Balance Theory of Wisdom: Doing the right thing.

newyorkerSternberg’s Balance Theory of Wisdom is one of the most celebrated models of wisdom to emerge from the field of psychology. It’s practical, it’s clear and it’s all about doing the right thing. Click here to read the full post.

Wisdom Profiles Series: Igor Grossmann

WISDOM PROFILES SERIES - Igor GrossmannDirector of the University of Waterloo’s Wisdom and Culture Lab Igor Grossmann talks to evidencebasedwisdom about the complex processes behind thinking and acting wisely, Solomon’s paradox, the importance of context, and the role of self-distancing in supporting wise reasoning. Click here to read the full interview

University of Chicago launches new Center for Practical Wisdom

chicagoskylineThe University of Chicago launches the first-of-its-kind Center for Practical Wisdom. Professor Howard Nusbaum, who will serve as the Center’s first director said “We believe that we can now study wisdom in a way that would be credible and help promote the importance of understanding wisdom research, as well as the importance of understanding wisdom itself”. Click here to read more.

 Wisdom Profiles Series: Eeva K. Kallio

Kalliobannercombined5In the latest interview in the series, Adult Cognition researcher Eeva K. Kallio talks to evidencebasedwisdom about integrative thinking, ill-defined problems, the limits of logic and the launch of the new European Wisdom Research Network Sophia & Phronesis. Click here to read the full interview

The Myth of the Aged Sage: Does older really mean wiser?

agedsagemeachamThe concept of the white-haired, bearded ‘wise aged sage’, is very much part of our popular culture. But what does the science of wisdom research tell us? Does older really mean wiser? Click here to read the full post.

Wisdom Profiles Series: Monika Ardelt

MAWPS4As part of the Wisdom Profiles Series, Wisdom Research pioneer Monika Ardelt talks to evidencebasedwisdom about the development of her Three-dimensional Wisdom Scale, the role of wisdom in ageing and dying well and the possible role meditation might play in the development of wisdom. Click here to read the full interview.

 EBW Animations  Series: Measuring Wisdom

EBW - animation - measuring wisdom - title slidev2Can wisdom really be measured? This animation looks at how scientists wrangle with the challenges inherent in ‘scoring’ for wisdom. Which wisdom scales have been shown to be the most robust and what potential benefits follow from being able to successfully identify wise individuals? Click here to watch

EBW Screencast Series: 10 big ideas from the Science of Wisdom

EBWscreencastboyshoutingslim10 short discussions on the big ideas and themes emerging from the field of wisdom research. Does Wisdom prevent happiness? What actually makes us wiser and what on earth does humour have to do with wisdom ? Click here to hear it all.

EBW Animations  Series: Defining Wisdom

Before wisdom can be studied, it has to be defined. This animation looks at the three dominant models of wisdom to emerge from the first 30 years of research. And can a 2013 analysis of 24 definitions reveal just 6 essential sub-components of wisdom? Click here to watch

Wisdom Profiles Series: Bruce Lloyd

WISDOM PROFILES SERIES (1)In the first of a new series of interviews, Emeritus Professor Bruce Lloyd talks to evidencebasedwisdom about wisdom in business and the importance of positive conversations. Click here to read the full interview.

Word to the Wise: Top 5 talks on the science of wisdom


Read the latest post highlighting 5 very distinct perspectives within the field of wisdom research. Contributors from neuroscience, psychology, sociology and cognitive science.

The Berlin Wisdom Paradigm: An expert knowledge system

yellowbaltesIn the 1980s one pioneering group of psychologists conceived of wisdom as an expertise like any other, but expertise in the fundamental pragmatics of life. Click here to read the full post.

Wisdom on the Radio: Neuroscience and Native Americans

radioslim7 experts including sociologists, psychologists, gameshow hosts and native Mohawk Elders discuss the science of wisdom live on CBC radio. Click here to listen to the full programme

 “Wisdom is generally considered the pinnacle of insight into the human condition and about the means and end of a good life.”

Baltes & Staudinger, 2000

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