The New Science of Practical Wisdom – A Companion Animation


In June 2018, University of California San Diego’s Center for Healthy Aging hosted the Wisdom, Compassion, and Longevity SymposiumOn the second day of the symposium, USCD’s Dr Dilip Jeste, Senior Associate Dean for Healthy Aging and Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, gathered a team of leading academics – including neurologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists, psychologists, moral philosophers, and epidemiologists – to produce a paper entitled ‘The New Science of Practical Wisdom’.

The aim of the joint paper was to introduce the science of wisdom research to the broader academic community. Evidence-Based Wisdom was invited to help write the paper, and the piece has now been published by Johns Hopkins University Press in the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine.


Evidence-Based Wisdom and UC San Diego’s Center for Healthy Aging also worked together to produce a companion animation for the paper, featuring interviews from co-authors Dilip Jeste, Rachel Caspari, Pascal Gagneux, Bruce Miller, Katerina Semendeferi, Candace Vogler, Howard Nusbaum, and Dan Blazer.

The animation covers how wisdom is defined and measured in the laboratory, the biology of wisdom, its dynamic relationship with culture, wisdom and aging, wisdom and health, and how we might build wiser societies.

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