EBW PODCAST: Wisdom Reloaded

EBW Podcast - Wisdom Reloaded

This August, a select group of the world’s leading behavioural scientists gathered in Chicago for the Center for Practical Wisdom Research Forum 2017. Their task? To tackle some very ancient questions with some very modern tools. What is wisdom? Can it be measured? And critically, how do we develop it?
EBW went to Chicago with microphone it hand, to find answers to these questions – to pick the brains of these wise experts, and to hit the city streets to learn what the people of Chicago have to tell us about living wisely in the modern world.

Click below to listen to the TRAILER, the FULL PROGRAMME or to hear the separate PARTS I – V of the programme.

Featuring: Monika Ardelt, Igor Grossmann, Heather Harden-Mangelsdorf, Anne Henly, Dilip Jeste, Barnaby Marsh, Greg Norman, Howard Nusbaum, Margaret Plews-Ogan, Ursula Staudinger, Robert Sternberg, Masami Takahashi, Nic Weststrate, and the people of Chicago.

TRAILER – 2 mins

EBW Radio - Wisdom Reloaded - Trailer.png

Click below to listen to the 2 minute trailer for the programme.


EBW Radio - Wisdom Reloaded - full programme

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EBW Radio - Wisdom Reloaded - parts

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PART I – Introduction – 12 mins

PART II – Defining Wisdom – 6 mins

PART III – Measuring Wisdom – 10 mins

PART IV – Developing Wisdom – 14 mins

PART V – Conclusion – 5 mins

To watch talks from the Wisdom Research Forum 2017, visit the Center for Practical Wisdom’s youtube channel. To learn more about wisdom research visit the Center’s site here.

Special thanks to the University of Chicago’s Center for Practical Wisdom for help in putting the programme together.

If you have any thoughts about the programme, please get in touch.

You can contact me at charles@evidencebasedwisdom.com, via the about page or find me on twitter @EBasedwisdom.