WHAT WOULD GANDHI DO ABOUT TRUMP? High-Time For a Science Of Wisdom

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The new EBW article What Would Gandhi Do About Trump? High-Time For a Science Of Wisdom is published by Intentional Insights.

As stated on the site ‘The science of wisdom provides useful insights for turbulent political times.’

The full article can be read by clicking here.

Intentional Insights is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that empowers people to refine and reach their goals by providing research-based content to help improve thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns. 

The article is also published on Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.

If you have any thoughts about the article, please get in touch.

You can contact me at charles@evidencebasedwisdom.com, via the about page or find me on twitter @EBasedwisdom.


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