Life Satisfaction, Openness Value, Self-Transcendence, and Wisdom (Le, 2010)

This paper investigates the relationship between life satisfaction, openness value, self-transcendence and wisdom. It has been established in other research (click here to read) that there is a clear relationship between wisdom and life satisfaction in old-age. One of the key questions addressed is ‘Does life-satisfaction lead to wisdom or does wisdom lead to life-satisfaction?’

Regarding all four of the elements under investigation, the paper identifies a relationship between openness and self-transcendence and between openness and life satisfaction. The research also indicates that both of these qualities as pre-requisites for wisdom. The author therefore suggests that self-transcendence and life satisfaction act as mediators between openness and wisdom.

Ultimately the direction of causation between life-satisfaction and wisdom is not definitively identified. However, the strong correlation between the two suggested in research elsewhere is confirmed by the data presented here.


Prior studies suggest a positive association between life satisfaction and wisdom. In a sample with 123 European American community-dwelling adults, the results suggest that wisdom and life satisfaction are positively intertwined, and that openness value is an important factor for life satisfaction, a self-transcendence orientation, and wisdom.

Click here to read the original paper

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