Opinions of Culturally Diverse Sample of Asians on Wisdom (Brezina & Ritomský, 2010)


The development of expert theories of wisdom shows a general shift from emphasizing the role of cognitive processes to broader definitions, which perceive wisdom as a way of integration of cognitive skills, emotional abilities and personality. Within the Eastern concepts of wisdom, its spiritual part is often mentioned. Research studies of public opinions about wisdom, conducted on a Western sample and confronted with pioneer findings obtained on non-Western samples show that it may result appropriate to contemplate the concept of Western wisdom as dominantly based on rationality, knowledge and reason and the Eastern approaches as the ones emphasizing emotions, intuition and transience. The sample of 646 students from culturally and religiously differentiated regions of Asia documents the variability of answers to the scale-type inventory questions and the sample introduces us to the diversity in basic parameters of Eastern understanding of wisdom. 

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