Wisdom on the Radio: Neuroscience and Native Americans


This programme was first broadcast in March 2013 at part of the ‘Ideas with Paul Kennedy’ series for CBC radio. The panel included a number of incredibly influential scientists from the field of wisdom research, as well as insightful commentators from other fields.


Monika Ardelt, Sociologist and Wisdom Researcher  at the University of Florida.

Vivian Clayton, Geriatric Neuropsychologist and Wisdom Research Pioneer in the 1970s.

Monty Hall, Television Celebrity and Host of Let’s Make A Deal for 27 years.

Stephen S. Hall, Author of the book Wisdom: from Philosophy to Neuroscience, Vintage Books, 2010.

Janice Longboat, Mohawk Elder from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

Howard Nusbaum, Cognitive Neuroscientist  and Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago.

John Vervaeke, Cognitive Scientist at the University of Toronto.

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